Rose Gold And Black Plated With Stepped Edges Tungsten Ring

Rose Gold And Black Plated With Stepped Edges Tungsten Ring

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We present this classic Rose Gold and black platted tungsten wedding band with polished tungsten carbide interior in a brushed/polished finish surface, available in 6mm/8mm width. This promise ring is made of tungsten carbide, which can hold its shine and color throughout the years.

When you're looking for the perfect wedding band or anniversary ring for yourself or your spouse, this stunning ring can be served as a token of love for your unification, or ceremony, either as a matching set or simply as a surprise gift for his or hers.

We delicately create our classic rings in Comfort Fit, which provide comfortable and every day stylish wear. It is also cobalt-free, which means it's hypoallergenic, will not turn your finger green and, shouldn't cause any adverse reactions for the person wearing it.

This design is perfect for both men and women and is a timeless valuable gift that can be cherished from generation to generation.

This ring is made of Tungsten Carbide, the world’s strongest metal. Safe to wear for almost everybody as Tungsten will not cause any allergic reaction. An extremely strong metal which takes much more and much longer daily wear and tear to show signs of scratching.

Product Description:

 About Tungsten
Tungsten carbide is a true modernization in jewellery, is nearly impossible to scratch, and is much heavier and denser than gold. Perfect for men and women who are tired of rings that scratch easily.

• High Hardness: Tungsten rings will never bend.
• Scratch Resistance: You can't beat its shine and polish even scratch it.
• Comfort Weight: Make you feel solid while tackling day to day tasks.
• Tungsten Material: Cobalt Free and Hypoallergenic

 How to Clean
Tungsten ring requires no difficult cleaning or maintenance measures. Add a few drops of mild soap in warm water. Please avoid using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner while cleaning and no need to use any harsh detergent.

Maintenance Tips:
Keep your tungsten ring away from harsh chemicals. Avoid your ring impacting on any hard substances. Try to store your tungsten ring individually.