Matte Finish Tungsten Carbide Blac

Matte Finish Tungsten Carbide Blac

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  • Perfect width, suitable for both Men and Women, Genuine Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring
  • excellent scratch-resistant performanceModel, Heavy and Sturdy,
  • Great workmanship on the brushed matte surface and high polish smooth inner face, bring you both the Elegance and Comfort.
  • Provide you a jewellery box, save your gift wrap service fee, and help you store the ring much safer & longer.


 Tungsten men's and women’s flat black ring features an exclusive matte brushed with finish polished edges Wedding Ring. Tungsten rings are made especially for couples who love the toughness of tungsten and the attractive black colour.


 Our ring is more scratch-resistant than other wedding bands because of our unique bonding process of platting.


Tungsten Carbide is the only metal that can promise a permanence in polish and finish that will endure until the end of time.


This is the perfect wedding band because it combines the best of both worlds! This attractive ring comes in size from 9-12, so it's perfect for a matching wedding band set for both Men & Women. Graceful design with rich finish rings for a high-class outfit. Whenever you will go somewhere you will surely make an unforged able impression.

Product Description:

  • Experience the top superior quality of this Tungsten Carbide ring with an exclusive matte brushed with finish polished edges for men and women as well.

This highly sought after style from our Black Tungsten Rings collection is simply beautiful. This black tungsten carbide ring with a brush finished centre and polish finished edges with the style of flat pipe-cut shape.


  • Men or women can wear this attractive ring as a Wedding band or Promise Ring.

This ring is available in 9 mm, 10mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, in size, for couples who want a matching set. Tungsten Carbide is the latest and toughest metal to be used in jewellery, ideal for men and women who are tired of rings that scratch easily. Represent your love and commitment by this perfect wedding ring.

 How to maintain:

  • Keep your tungsten ring away from severe substances or chemicals
  • Try to avoid your ring impacting on any hard materials.
  • Try to store your tungsten ring individually.

How to Clean:

  • Tungsten ring requires no difficult cleaning or maintenance measures.
  • Add a few drops of mild soap in warm water.
  • Please avoid using an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner while cleaning and no need to use any harsh detergent.

About Measure:

1-         Cut a thin strip of paper;

2-         Wrap it TIGHTLY around your finger

3-         Make a mark where the paper meets

4-         Measure the distance using a ruler


Fit: Comfort Fit

Weight: Approximately 12-17g depend on sizes

Surface: Brushed

Color: Outside Black matte finished

Package contents:

1 x Tungsten Ring

1 x Free Jewelry Box

We are the only Tungsten Ring Jeweler that provides a Lifetime Guarantee!