Black Matte Pure Carbide Tungsten Ring

Black Matte Pure Carbide Tungsten Ring

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Charming Jewelry:

We provide this classic polished black beveled edge tungsten carbide band including a beautiful engraved design in an 8mm width. This deluxe polished black beveled edge and matte pure carbide ring is picture-perfect to use for marriage or a smart piece of fashionable jewelry.

Unique rings and Comfort-Fit:

 This ring provides comfortable and every day stylish wear. We carry size from 7-12 for either women or men. You will love our sharp, and we know this. This unique and creative design makes it a perfect choice for any fandom and its unisex style will appeal to anybody.

Best gift:

Thinking of buying it as a gift for your significant other? Husband or wife? Brother or sister? Mother or father? Best friend? We pride ourselves in being leaders of modern ring designs with incredible custom engravings that can serve as a token of love for your union, fandom, or simply for his or hers.

Wide verity:

It will look great on your pinky or thumb as our custom rings come in a range of thin and thick widths and even perfect for females, teenagers, and even your special king. Can be wear on any occasion, marriage, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just an impulse buy, our scratch-resistant rings are the perfect statement for that special gentleman or lady in your life.

Product Description: 

About tungsten carbide:

  • Tough and shock-resistant

Tungsten carbide is a type of heavy metal that uses either cobalt or nickel alloy as a binder to keep everything together. This means that you get a ring that’s tough and also shock resistant.

  • Most durable

It’s one of the most heavyweight material out there. In fact, it’s nearly indestructible and would hardly ever deform in case of an accident.

  • Tungsten carbide rings don’t tarnish or rust.

 It’s harmless to use for lengthy contact with skin so it’s highly likely that it will cause you any kind of sores. It’s also hypoallergenic and doesn’t result in rashes, unlike other metal rings. Moreover, it doesn’t easily deform so being cut by it isn’t bound to happen in most chances.

  • Tungsten carbide is certified to be scratch-proof.

 It can only be scratched in unusual circumstances such as if you use corundum or diamonds, which means it’s virtually impossible for it to scratch. Normal activities would hardly make a dent on tungsten carbide so you can wear it no matter how active or extreme your lifestyle is.

How to care for a tungsten ring?

  • Tungsten rings can be cleaned with mild soap and water.
  • Then dry your ring with a soft tissue or towel to restore its original shine.
  • Avoid dropping the ring on a hard surface because it may break when enough force is applied.
  • For the black and blue-coated tungsten rings, avoid rubbing it against hard surfaces or other metals because it's plating may scratch or rub out over long periods of consistent abrasion. But the main silver tungsten underneath the plating of the ring won’t.



Size: 7-12

Colour: Black Matte

We provide you a lifetime warranty so just feel free to purchase this unique and attractive howling wolf tungsten ring