Band with Olive Wood Inner Comfort Tungsten Carbide Ring

Band with Olive Wood Inner Comfort Tungsten Carbide Ring

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  • Olive wood, Dome tungsten carbide ring,
  • Have a clear texture and a shiny surface.
  • The olive wood finish made this ring unique and special.
  • The natural attribute makes everyone different.
  • Genuine tungsten carbide features the second hardness in the world, it makes the ring
  • Durable and solid.
  • Dome in shape, attractive silver colour
  • It provides excellent shine after being polished.
  • No cobalt and nickel make it hypoallergenic.
  • Your ring will come in a beautiful jewellery box


  • When you will wear this ring, the combination of the silver colour of olive wood with tungsten carbide will generate an exclusive, undeniable presence when being worn - it looks even superior in person and will grape attention.
  • The flawless purity and exclusive composition mean no two rings will be similar! Some of the colour shapes&kinds of abalone will vary slightly from the image.
  • Because the olive wood is nature. The ring feels awesome on the finger and, is perfect for daily use.
  • As it is cobalt free so, it will not turn your finger green.

Tungsten Ring Benefits

  1. Tungsten rings are denser than other metal rings due to its thickness.
  1. They certainly not scratch. You can file away at it, and it will stay polished endlessly.
  1. You can't beat its lustre and polish.
  1. it’s hypoallergenic so if you have any allergies, it won't occur with tungsten.

Product Specification:

Metal - Tungsten carbide

Color – silver

Inlaid Material – Olivewood

Finish - High Polished

Package includes:

1XOlive Wood Inner Comfort Tungsten Carbide Ring

1X Gift box

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