8mm Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Shell Tungsten Carbide Rings

8mm Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Shell Tungsten Carbide Rings

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[MATERIAL] Tungsten carbide is the most prevalent jewellery of the past, with high hardness and scrape resistance, hypoallergenic, lead-free, sturdy, and long-lasting polishing.Suit for Both Men and Women and looks stunning.It can last for a while, does not cause any skin frustration.
[RESISTANCE] Width is 8mm, made up of unaffected titanium and titanium’ power will not bend out-of-form and will not crack resembling other metals. Excellent scrape resistance and show a powerful performance against starkness.
[FLAWLESS DESIGN]This Hawaiian koa titanium ring is weighty and resilient, it is rounded and smooth as well make this feature make it comfortable to wear every day. The classy design will attract attention and receive loveable complements.
[ABALONE SHELL] Natural abalone shell is decorated into this tungsten ring, uniting with Hawaiian koa wood to make a high-class wedding jewellery piece for you, and gives a beautiful appearance, noble and elegant design.
[Occasion]It can be worn as a wedding engagement band, promise ring, friendship ring, and also a perfect gift choice for anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, birthday party, thanksgiving Father’s Day, Mother’s day and so on.
[STRONG AND DURABLE] Titanium will only scratch in very unique and extreme conditions it means polished titanium ring will look as good after many years as when you bought it, and always look new.
[PERFECT GIFT] This Stainless Steel Band Ring is Design for Casual Wear, It’saPerfect Gift to Your Lover best Gift for partner, parents, and friends as well and, Ideal Cute Gift for Family too.
[GIFT BOX] Save your gift wrap package fee, and help you store the ring much harmless&lengthier.

Product description:
Lovely Design with the Blues and Brown Colors The 8mm is also available for matching wedding bands. Defensive Coating for everyday wear. Titanium is the only element having the power of steel, yet with a weight equivalent to aluminium. Titanium has a dark metallic colour but is tremendously lightweight. Titanium is the only element that offers the exclusive blend of attractiveness, strength, lightweight, and biocompatibility. Titanium will not twist and will look always new.

How to clean:

  •  Soak the ring with Windex for a minute, then upsurge in warm water and let them air dry (do not rub or dry with a cloth).
  • If the ring has not been cleaned freshly you may need to recap the process.
  • Evade scratching the anodized surface on colour titanium rings.
  •  Do not wash with detergents containing abrasives.

Care tips:
Titanium is hard-wearing but it is not scratch resilient. Titanium will scratch just like any other metals.The difference is: on titanium scratches will be very superficial, just about on the exterior, nd can be easily polished out. Gold and platinum rings will scratch much deeper, but you should take the following steps to take care of your titanium ring;
1- Avoid wearing a titanium ring when you are in the bath and swimming pool.
2- The chlorine in the water may damage the shiny surface of the ring so, you should try to get off the ring when you do any work with water.
3- When you take off the ring do not put aside instead place it in the free ring box to keep it safe.

How to measure ring size:
Method 1- Use a string
To measure with the string you will need the take following step:

  • String
  •  Ruler
  •  Pen/marker

• Cut a string the is about 6 inches long
• Folding the string about the base of the finger
• Mark where the string will end with the pen
• Place the measured string on the ruler
• The number closest to the pen will be your ring size

Method 2- Use a strip of paper
To measure with the paper you will need:
 A strap of paper
 Ruler 
• Cut a thin strip of paper
• Fold the strap around the finger
• Place on the ruler
• Check the measuring number
• This will be your ring size

Benefits of Titanium Rings:
• It is denser than other rings and has a decent weight to wear due to its density.
• It is hard-wearing with outstanding scratch-resistant performance.
• It is hypoallergenic, can be worn without upsetting about allergy.
• It is rich in classes and very stylish, appropriate for both daily life and official occasions.

Abalone Shell
Abalone shell is a natural product and has lovely shines under the sunlight, so each ring is changed in terms of structure and details, which makes each ring a high-class piece of art. 
Hawaiian Koa Wood
Hawaiian Koa Wood topographies rich and attractive colour and grain. Its colour is chocolate brown. More and more couples choose koa wood wedding rings as enduring symbols to remind them of one of the happiest times of their lives. The combination of Hawaiian koa wood and titanium carbide creates a fashionable and unique jewellery piece for wedding and engagement.