Which is better: Titanium Rings or Tungsten Carbide Ring

If firmness and scrape resistance are high ring qualities that are essential to you, then tungsten is the clear champion. This is not to claim titanium is a slouch in the hardness division, though. Titanium is a light-weight metal that is extremely strong, particularly in contrast to silver or gold. If you are looking for a reasonable concession of stamina and also weight, titanium could be your goldilocks.

Keep reading to figure out why tungsten and titanium are the # 1 pattern in wedding event rings.


The firmness of the metals dramatically impacts the look and sturdiness of rings. The Mohs Scale of Firmness gauges the strength of minerals and alloys and assigns them a number between 1 - 10, with ten being the hardest. Diamonds, for example, are placed a 10. Tungsten rates a nine and also titanium a 6, both substantial numbers. Gold and silver have been available in at a low 2.5, which discloses their vulnerability to nicking and also scraping. Tungsten, as well as titanium, are a lot less likely to flexor scratch than gold and silver. Tungsten is the clear winner in this section, however, and also can just be damaged by a compound higher on the scale, such as rubies. Therefore, it continuously keeps its sleek appearance. Titanium is likewise relatively resistant to scuffs, scratches as well as breaks.

Should you automatically choose tungsten or titanium for your ring? Not at all. You need to keep in mind the durability of the steel before you pick any kind of ring. If you remain in a career that is tough on precious jewelry, hardness is a crucial factor. Construction workers, farmers, firefighters, and also others require jewelry that can withstand day-to-day punishment. Gold and silver rings will certainly flex and even damage when under duress. Tungsten does have one weakness that titanium does not. It is relatively brittle and will ruin when it is under enough stress. Titanium will just flex.


When taking into consideration a ring acquisition, shade is a crucial concern. Tungsten and titanium are often found in silver or dark ring grey colors that have long-lasting charm. Titanium uses extra color convenience than tungsten does, nevertheless. It can be anodized into different shades, also, to be given a satiny finish. Tungsten needs to receive a colored plate to achieve a different color. Nonetheless, both compounds permit you a variety of shade options.


Metal alloys are, in some cases, made use of during the smelting process to improve the completed ring's look. Quality rings are built using a nickel binder, which is significantly superior to the alternative cobalt. A minimal number of individuals are allergic to nickel, but these people will undoubtedly enjoy understanding that coin, when integrated with tungsten, is thought about to be completely hypoallergenic. Also, individuals that are allergic to nickel! That indicates no rash, no irritability, and even no oxidation of the ring. In this classification, titanium is similarly hypoallergenic because ingredients are not used in the smelting process. Ring for titanium is naturally inert, and reactions to this metal type are exceptionally uncommon.


If you tend to like a more massive ring, tungsten will work best for you. It is hefty and substantial, and for wedding rings, in particular, is a sound icon of a firm commitment. Titanium is exceptionally light-weight. So light that some users believe it feels cheap, which it is certainly not. Others love the agility of titanium since it is lovely without really feeling limiting, likewise a fitting icon of the marital relationship. On this front, individual choice is the only thing that matters.


Indeed, prices vary depending upon size, design, color, and so on. Yet, both tungsten and titanium rings are both relatively cost-effective, absolutely more so than gold in many circumstances. You can invest thousands on these rings if you wish to. However, we provide several for under $100. Their affordability is not a representation of their look, however. Our clients frequently inform us how much they favor their new MyRingOnline.com over their outdated gold ring.

Have a look at our selection of beautiful wedding celebration rings from titanium or tungsten to get a function of the style you like. Be particular to weigh the pros and cons of each steel; after that, go with your intestine. We offer a hassle-totally free one-month guarantee so you can be positive you made the appropriate option.